The Silence Of The World

Existence is the only constant inside space and time. You can’t bend space and time, you can only move through it. Gaze into the moon it quiets the soul. Stars beckon us home.… Continue reading

One And Only

Your warmth fills my heart. Your smile melts my soul. Your kindness compels me. Our love cannot be broken. Wine poured and the candles lit. Raise a glass and toast to our bond.… Continue reading

Disconnected Stories

Anger in your eyes. Hate on your breath. Were we meant to be like this? Have we been abandoned and relegated to this? Those that claim to love the world, hate the most.… Continue reading


Lonely is when half your soul is hundreds of miles away. Cold is when arms of warm embrace can’t wrap around you. These times, they test you. They test me. We press forward,… Continue reading

The beauty of the holidays, the beauty of people

Cold air, so cold your breath freezes as it escapes your lips. The snow floats glistening and sparkling in the sun like a million tinker bells all dancing together. Crunching footsteps marking up… Continue reading

Pushing Ahead

Too long it has been since I have put my thoughts to this modern paper. Since I last wrote I have been back and forth across the country more times than I can… Continue reading

Disney Selling Happiness With The Tap Of A Wrist

A Disney theme park is an interesting place from the perspective of a marketer. Park attendee’s receive an experience geared towards maximizing profits from the moment they walk through the gates. As one goes… Continue reading

tenfour Good Buddy, Over And Out

Today was the end of a chapter for me, the end of an era for others. The walk home was bitter-sweet. It was crisp, warm, and oddly no rain. I’m excited to move… Continue reading

Dear Christmas, WTF?

It is that time of year again, where we all gather around the table to gorge ourselves until we can barely walk again. This is the day that we celebrate how thankful we… Continue reading

You need to stay at a job for 10 or more years? Bullshit.

A little more than a week ago there was an article in Forbes, about the “10 Reasons To Stay At A Job For 10 Or More Years.” In this article David Williams laid… Continue reading