Drive a Nissan Leaf, Hug a Polar Bear

With so much concern based around the environment, it is no wonder the new, all-electric car by Nissan called the LEAF (a bacronym that stands for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is such a big hit. This coupled with the idea that you would never have to stress over high gas prices again is making this car sound more and more appealing. Then to top it all off, getting the chance to hug a polar bear that traveled all the way from the arctic, just to show a Nissan Leaf owner some appreciation makes this car irresistible.

This ad starts out looking like a National Geographic program, melting ice, crumbling ice cliffs, and a stranded polar bear on a sheet of ice floating in the water. Then you see the polar bear swimming towards a sandy beach, and walking through a wooded forest, seemingly trying to get away from the despair of the melting ice caps. Subtle humor starts to set in when the polar bear growls at a semi truck, and a garbage truck driving by while walking down the road. However, the true message of the ad is clear when the polar bear walks out from behind the Nissan Leaf and stands up to hug a man about to get into the car. Then the soothing voice of Robert Downey JR (I think) brings the message home, by explaining the car is 100% electric.

The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt are the first plug-in electric cars in the birth, death, and rebirth saga of plug-in cars. Plenty of manufacturers are planning to follow suit in the next couple of years, however. That is a big change since 2004 when GM did away with their EV1 electric cars. The Leaf is an all-electric car with a range of about 100 miles, although some are estimating around 80 or 90 miles. The Volt is a hybrid electric/gasoline car with a range of about 380 miles. The Volt has a wider range because the electric rechargeable battery goes for about 40 miles and then the gasoline engine kicks in and recharges the battery while it drives. Both cars will get you a federal tax credit though, which will bring the price of the cars down a bit.

Good luck getting your hands on one anytime soon though. The release of both the Leaf and the Volt is like the debut of the Nintendo Wii, or trying to buy a Mini when it was released. Supply shortages, with high demand. Some dealerships are reporting wait times of at least a year before customers can get the cars, due to the high demand. GM is producing only 10,000 cars this year, and 45,000 cars next year, over 240,000 people have signed up on GM’s website to get updates on the car. The Volt received Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year” award, before the first car was even sold. Nissan is only producing 20,000 cars, and is no longer taking new orders.

Let us know what you think about this new product, and this ad.


The Green Guerilla