This Years List of Super Bowl Commercials

Well it is almost that time of year again, the advertising phenomenon that happens once a year. That is right I am talking about the super bowl. Yes the one time of the year when people look forward to the commercials, when you never hear someone saying “I hate commercials…” Somehow the NFL seems to always manage to be on a day when the stars perfectly alligned, or there is a glitch in the Matrix or something, and people actually say they watch a program simply for the advertisements. So I have decided to post the lineup of companies that are slotted to advertise this year. This list I have compiled from various places across the interwebs.

Here are the contenders in no particular order…


This should not be a surprise to anyone. I think the only way this company would not advertise during the super bowl was if it ceased to exist. I have read in numerous sources some different figures on how many spots they will have, some say 8, others say 10, so I will just go ahead and say 8 – 10 30-second spots. If you do the math on that it is like… well… it is a lot of money anyway.

Best Buy

I am not really sure what these guys could really come up with that could compete with the other companies advertising, that won’t just make their store look worse. I know maybe that they now are not making you pay an arm and a leg to purchase a warranty? But no that isn’t actually what they are going to be announcing. Apparently they are spending all these millions of dollars to tell consumers that they will now be offering a buy-back program. Basically just like a college text-book buy-back program, you can bring unwanted electronics back to them, and they will buy them back from you at a fraction of the original price. This sounds good in theory, but we all know how cheated we all usually feel when we try to sell back our college text books. Also not only will you only get a small fraction of the price you paid for it back… but this will be set up as a subscription-based deal. Awesome yet another way for Best Buy to take your money.


Well you can count on this being a fast and exhilarating car commercial… Audi isn’t really known for their humor.


More chimps this year? Not if PETA has anything to say about it, but then again PETA so far hasn’t been allowed to advertise during the Super Bowl, so who really cares. Bring on the chimps!


Another Lindsey Lohan mishap by the babies? Maybe, but then again maybe not… but most likely we will see the creepy talking babies in some way shape or form this year.


BMW is rumored to be introducing their electric vehicle, the ActiveE. This is the first time they have advertised during the super bowl for over a decade, so lets hope it is good. And hey what did I tell you about more car companies bringing out the electric vehicles?


Bridgestone is once again sponsoring the halftime show. However they will also have commercial spots, but their spots are always more and more creative. Which is odd you would think they would place their product on better cars, Hmmm oh well.

Who knows what this year will hold for them, my guess is more slapstick comedy. This company always seems to do that really well.

General Motors

Or should I say Government Motors? No one really knows what GM has to offer anymore, but hey maybe they have made the Bat Mobile and are planning on mass producing it or something? Then we would never have to worry about traffic again! Thanks for looking out Government Motors.


Coca-Cola had some fun spots last year, coming straight out of Weiden + Kennedy of my hometown of Portland Oregon. Man those guys do some good work! Hopefully they can pull it off again this year.


Chrysler is rumored to have two spots this year, which would equal a grand total of $6 million dollars. Wait, what? Who is going to pay for that? Oh that is right you are going to pay for it! I bet you didn’t know you had that kind of money did you? At any rate, they might be introducing a new car brand.

Well you all know what happened last year bleh. So if any of you were thinking this might be the year, maybe they will make a good commercial, my answer to you is don’t count on it.


No more needs to be said


More sock monkey and friends maybe? Hopefully not that was a little to creepy.

HomeAway, Inc.

This is a vacation home rental company, that premiered last year during the 2010 Super Bowl, with a spot featuring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. Who knows what they have in store for us this year?


No don’t go running for your bomb shelter, the aliens on our red neighbor have not figured out a way to put commercials onto our TV’s. I am talking about Mars the candy company.

Pizza Hut

This is the first time for this company to advertise during the game. In years past their approach has always been to advertise before the game actually started, because they believe that people are more likely to buy pizza before the game started, not during the game. I just can’t imagine their commercials being Super Bowl worthy.


One 60 second spot in the fourth quarter. This just seems like a waste of $3 million, it is just going to be a commercial about how many people love their Mercedes, and how the car talks and can fly, and can drive itself.

Doritos and PepsiMax

Both advertisers have a similar pitch: they are the co-sponsors of the Crash The Super Bowl Contest. The top three winners for each product, as voted on by the visitors to the website, will air during the Super Bowl.

They spend $18 million on time slots during the game, but spend zero on advertising and production for a commercial, sounds like they are getting one hell of a deal.


They will be running at least two 30 second slots. I hope it isn’t another “PunchDub” pitch… if they are going to play off of an old past time of kids punching the crap out of each other every time they saw a Beetle, can’t they at least get it right? You don’t punch someone every time you see a VW, you only punch someone when you see an old style Beetle. And it isn’t called “PunchDub” it is called “Slug Bug.”


They have a single spot. Does anyone know what Skechers are? What are they doing in the big game?


This is a flower company apparently trying to compete with 1-800-FLOWERS. They have one spot of undetermined length during the second quarter.


Well ok that is all I have for you so far, let’s hear what your predictions are for what the commercials are going to be about. Put your predictions in the comments section.


The Green Guerilla