Chevrolet, Safeway and Many Others Will Now Have an EcoAd Seal

Have you ever wondered how you can tell if a company is greenwashing, and not actually taking actions to better our environment? So have I, and honestly I can’t give you a good answer about how you can go about making sure that greenwashing isn’t taking place, with the products you buy. The only advice I can give you is to look into the environmental practices of the company, and make sure that they are being sustainable. However, CBS is now taking steps to make it easier for consumers to make sure the products they buy are environmentally friendly, or at the very least helping to better the environment in some way.

CBS has launched a seal to recognize corporations’ involvement in local environmental initiatives. The seal is a green leaf with the word “EcoAd.” This seal will indicate that the brand paying for the ad is sponsoring environmental projects. These could include solar installations and refits of schools, affordable housing or municipal buildings. Every time an advertiser buys an EcoAd Package, a portion of the price will fund projects that public bodies have identified as critical yet underfunded. The seal will be available across all CBS platforms, including network, local TV, radio, outdoor and online.

The Seal was developed by advertising company EcoMedia which CBS acquired last year. So why did CBS feel the need to acquire this environmentally friendly advertising agency? Is this an attempt to make CBS seem more EcoFriendly? Or is this a genuine attempt to help consumers, and help our environment out?

EcoMedia president Paul Polizzotto said, “In supporting local green projects, they [consumers] are helping municipalities with needed funding which in turn saves taxpayer dollars and leads to job creation.” Some of the past EcoMedia projects include a solar power installation at California’s Long Beach airport, an energy efficiency retrofit and solar installation for Miami City Hall, and “green makeovers” for public schools in Miami, San Francisco and Cook County, Ill. EcoMedia has also worked on ocean and watershed protection, tree planting, recycling, water conservation and promoting ridesharing.

Among the first participants of the EcoAd are, Chevrolet, Safeway, PG&E, SunPower, Pacific Coast Termite, The Port of Los Angeles, Avidia Bank, Boston Scientific, Massachusetts Clean Energy, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

So now I ask you, would this EcoAd seal help sway your decisions in buying products, knowing that a portion of your dollar is going towards a project that is helping out our environment? Or, do you feel that this is just another greenwashing gimmick to convince consumers to buy a product? Do you think that this would be a good thing for other media companies to start doing?

Give me your thoughts and your opinion in the comments below, and if you haven’t introduced yourself yet, then please feel free to do that.


The Green Guerilla