Prius’? Prii? Prium? Priuses? Or is it simply just Prius?

I have been super swamped with midterms and presentations and advertising research this week, so I missed posting on Wednesday. I am sorry for that, but here is a fun commercial that should get stuck in your head. The commercial itself is not a green commercial and it doesn’t have anything to do with being environmentally friendly. It can be argued many different ways if the product is actually eco-friendly, but the advertisement is fun non-the-less. It is also something that I have often wondered. What do you call the plural form of Prius? Toyota creatively saw this as an interactive marketing opportunity, and invited viewers of the commercial to log onto their website and give their thoughts on what to call the plural form of Prius.

So tell me what would you call the plural of a Prius?


The Green Guerilla