Guerilla Advertising: Does this catch your eye?

I thought about posting all of the post Super Bowl commercials and letting you all know what I thought about them, but I figured there would be a lot of people doing that for the next couple of weeks. So instead I thought I would bring some fun cleaver ideas to you all that I have found. By the way which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite?

This ad is a cleaver idea that has two messages, yet are still the same message. We build park benches that will seat more than one person, yet there usually is only one person sitting on them. We certainly do like our personal space don’t we? Also though it is a message from Denver Water, telling us to conserve water, and only use the amount of water that we truly need. Often we let water run longer than we need to especially when we are taking showers, brushing our teeth, washing dishes, or shaving our faces. Then there is always the ones that water their lawns in the summer time two or three times a day… you know who you are. So listen up people, “Use Only What You Need.”



This creative bit of advertising is really fun, although if I were driving next to this, I would have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. Plus it would take every fiber in my body not to speed up alongside the driver of the truck to warn him about the missiles chasing him, and then speed away laughing, or speed away with a look of horror on my face, that might be fun too. It is a little hard to read what is on the side of the truck though, but it says “Nonstop Action.” I like how no matter if the truck is driving or parked it looks like the missiles are coming for it. I do wonder what it would look like if the truck was driving in reverse though.

This would be some REAL guerilla advertising. What I mean by that is peopledoing advertising that could potentially get them into trouble. This type of advertising is often done at night and in prominent places for people to see. This advertising was done during the relay of the torch during the Olympics held in China. Four Tibet activists were arrested for unfurling this banner over the actual Coca Cola billboard. They were protesting two things here, China’s treatment of Tibet, and the fact that Coca Cola was sponsoring the Olympics and in turn sponsoring the way China was treating Tibet.





Here is a very creative idea, advertising quick drying nail polish. It looks as if the nail polish bottle is suspended in air pouring out the nail polish onto the ground. Also it looks like the advertising is doing the trick of attracting the attention of the products target market, unless those two women standing by it are paid models that are just standing around looking amazed at it.

Let me know what you all think about these creative ideas.


The Green Guerilla