My Better Is Better Than Your Better

I enjoy nothing better when it comes to advertising than an inspirational message. Something that inspires you to get up off your butt and maybe run to the fridge instead of walk. Something that really tugs at the heart-strings, or something that gets your adrenaline pumping. A good message that gets your mind racing, and your imagination running wild. These three commercials remind me of when I was younger and I found great pleasure in bragging about how fast I could run, or how high I could jump, the quickness of my hands and feet… Wait did I say when I was younger? Ok so I still like to brag a little, but hey when you got in flaunt it right?

I am just kidding, but I certainly am not as fast as I used to be, nor can I jump like I used to be, oh the joys of being in my teens. Anyway check these commercials, and tell me they don’t inspire you to go out and run around the block, or join a city league softball team, or do something that gets your adrenaline pumping.

“My Faster Is Faster Than Your Fast”

“I Ain’t Afraid Of You”

Are you still there?


The Green Guerilla

P.S. I promise I will get back to writing some actual content soon. I have been so busy lately with school and all the other things I am doing that by the end of the day my brain doesn’t function sometimes.