Your Tweets Answered

We definitely have a lot of things wrong with this country, but what country doesn’t have things wrong with it? But here is an important issue that needs some attention on it. The women vote in this country. So has the White House lost the women vote in the United States? Maybe it has, and maybe it hasn’t, but regardless of if it has or if it hasn’t Old Spice has a solution. There is nothing that I like more than a solution to a problem. So thank you Mr. Stephanopoulos for the question that prompted the answer!

I think accounting would be a lot more fun if it was done underwater! There are so many things in this world that would be more fun if they could be done underwater. Like driving a car underwater, it is probably a lot like driving a single person sub underwater, but hey it would still be fun right?

Next lesson… never try to sue a person that has complemented the Old Spice Guy!

And finally here is a shout out to everyone.

It really does feel good to know that someone out there is willing to answer our questions doesn’t it? This has been an amazingly long campaign for Old Spice, and the nice thing about this campaign is that it does not seem to have an end. One of those great campaigns that has legs that keep going and going. Although I suppose eventually the Old Spice guy will have to get old sooner or later, right?


The Green Guerilla