Who I Follow on Twitter, and Why

Hey everyone this post has been a long time coming. Sorry for such a long break away from posting. I know most of you were on the edge of your seats waiting for my next big thing. Feeling like your life would not go on until I posted another post. Well for those of you that were feeling like that, here is that post. For those of you that were not feeling like that, well here is something to read anyway.

My friend Andre Santos was the one that sparked my interest about this topic (he can also be followed at @thesantoses on Twitter) He wrote a blog post, explaining why he follows certain people on Twitter. Twitter is one of those cool networking and social tools that you can use to keep in touch with people, and meet new people, it is also a place where you can learn news from the people that you follow. It is very easy to see who people follow on a daily basis, but it is not clear why they follow those people. So here is my list of who I follow, and why I follow them. I am not going to post my entire list of who I follow, because it is a really long list, but I will post a list of the ones that I keep in contact with the most.

I will start at the bottom of the list, and go to the top, I will skip a lot of the news sources that I follow since hey they are news what more do you want me to explain?

PSU:AMA I follow these guys, because I am an executive board member of this group. They do a lot of good for the students at the school, and this group has given me an opportunity to hone my skills as a marketer.

Christy Lee Zilka She is a very talented individual when it comes to art/graphic design. She was also part of one of my groups in my very first ever marketing class. This was the class that I got hooked on marketing. She contributed a lot to our project, but mostly she is very talented.

Natalie Phillips She doesn’t tweet very often, but when she does it is usually very insightful, witty, funny, and usually creative. She is also a fellow executive board member of the PSU:AMA

Mambo Media This is a great shop here in Portland, with very talented people behind it.

Gunnar Simonsen This is an old friend, from my ministry days. He deeply and passionately cares about the people of this world, and making this a better place. Also a rockin social media expert!

Wieden + Kennedy This is another great shop here in Portland. They don’t have a whole lot to say on Twitter, but when they do it is usually very creative.

ID Experts They are the ones that you want to call when you have a Data Breach!

Dr. Christy He is the man leading FIR Advertising into battle!

Copious Agency Such a creative bunch of people working at this shop. Seriously they have some good stuff.

Brittany Haggerty Hardly ever tweets, but when she does it is usually something worth thinking about.

Luhrs Advertising This shop puts out some good content on their Twitter feed. Definitely worth taking a look at. Out of Boston, a smaller shop that packs a punch.

Mary Rarick This is the person behind the Mambo Media account. She is fun to follow, and fun to chat with. She always has some witty banter to carry on, that is for sure. Also has great ideas about social media.

Chris Mann Again a very creative person, makes some really good websites, and some sweet t-shirts. He is also a fellow member of PSU:AMA

Chelsy McInnis This girl is a social media fanatic, and she is very creative and whitty. She describes herself as a lover of pranks, shenanigans, and karaoke. She is definately worth following on Twitter, and also worth learning from regarding how to utilize social media for your benefit.

Erin Tritt I work with her at ID Experts. She is funny…. nough said.

Scott Stratten He is the Unmarketing guy. Very insightful, and always has something worth saying.

Magneto Agency This is another local shop here in Portland, puts out some very creative stuff. Also though very good at conversation on Twitter, which is what social media is all about connections and conversations.

Metal Toad Media Yet another great shop here in Portland

CMDPortland This is a big shop here in town, and the guy behind this Twitter feed, is quick to engage with the people following them, and also puts out some great content.

Ben Z Samples He is the guy behind the CMDPortland Twitter feed. He has been a great person to get to know. Always quick to carry on a conversation, and dedicated to putting out worthwhile content.

Jay Kubassek Great content, great blog, great Facebook page. Tweets a lot of thought provoking conversation starters.

Andre Santos I started by reading his blog, then we became comrades on Twitter. He was the one that inspired this post. He has been a great person to converse with, and learn from. Always very insightful.

Eminem Well some would say it is because I have a huge man crush, but I would say it is because he is a genius. The king of Rap, and every angry white boys leader.

Michelle Thayer Awesome web designer, great conversationalist. And a running enthusiast. Always ready and quick with some whitty banter also.

Dustin Hartzler New to Twitter and blogging, but catching on very fast. He is a fellow FIR Advertising coworker, and one of the most creative and hard working people I have ever met in the advertising field here at Portland State University.

Rachael Kelly Another fellow FIR Advertising coworker, not very active on Twitter.

FIR Advertising We don’t have this Twitter feed active yet, but when we do you will want to be following it, because it is going to be good.

Erin Middleton Former Oregonian, turned Texan. She is another creative mind, and a social media connoisseur.

Jeremy Piven How can you not follow Ari Gold?

Nate Riggs Met him down in New Orleans last week. Great speaker, but also an amazing person to learn from. Thanks for lunch Nate!

Tom Martin Very knowledgeable guy, great speaker, and insightful on all things advertising and social media.

Rajiv Nathan Fellow AMA person, he was down in New Orleans. I never actually met him face to face, but I set up a GroupMe group per Nate Riggs instructions, and met Rajiv through there. So it sort of feels like I did meet him, and a bunch of other people, but my phone was blowing up with text messages all weekend down there from this group. LOL

Ok so this blog post was a little long, and if you are not on Twitter it might not be that interesting to you. However, if you are not on Twitter I would recommend you get on Twitter. This has become an amazing tool for me as far as networking goes, and I actually enjoy it so much more than Facebook. Also again I am sorry for the short break that turned into a long break, but I will be getting back into the swing of things from here on out, so you can expect the same on time posts from me until exam time at the end of this term.


The Green Guerilla