The Reverse Graffiti Project

Graffiti art, whether you appreciate it or not is in fact art. It takes skill to do, that not everyone in the world possesses. I sometimes have been known to criticize some art, but the reasoning behind that is usually simply because I don’t understand it. Yes I have been known to say “that isn’t art” when it actually is art, I just don’t understand it. Now, that being said graffiti does not always do our communities any good, sometimes it does make areas more beautiful and interesting, but other times it only makes places seem more run down. What if we armed every graffiti artist with a pressure washer instead of a spray can? How much cleaner and interesting would our neighborhoods and cities be? Then graffiti artists might actually be considered artists instead of criminals.

From a sustainability standpoint, reverse graffiti seems to be a little water intensive, and all of that dirt and grime might not be good washing into our sewer systems and our rivers. I don’t know enough about that side of things to know if this is good or bad for the environment, but it seems like it would be better than using aerosol cans to do the art work. It also would be good to use this to clean up our neighborhoods.

I think that our world needs more advertising like this, advertising that cleans up our cities, rather than adding more clutter and dirt. What do you think?


The Green Guerilla