Here Comes Joey

If a tree falls in the forest but you can’t actually see it fall, does it still fall?

Ok so this might not be the most sustainable advertising out there, featuring a logger that supposedly is on the job cutting trees down. He then jumps in his big truck that spews out black smoke from his exhaust pipe. However, you can’t deny this is a dang good hype video for the Portland Timbers. Very well done.

If you have been anywhere around Portland before or during the start of Timbers début to the MLS, then it is very likely you have noticed the advertising done by Jelly Helm. Giant billboards and wallscapes featuring local people, so I guess there could be some sustainability in that. Alaskan Airlines planes that were painted through a competition, and PGE sorry Jeld-Wen park has sold out tickets. Not to mention the media attention the national anthem got during the first game. The whole entire crowd were the featured singers for the national anthem, just look up Portland Timbers National Anthem and you will see all the video featuring that.

My friend and colleague at FIR Advertising Drew brought this video to my attention. I do always feel proud when great things come out of my small little city.

How do you like the video?


The Green Guerilla