When Luxury Meets Absurdity

So I saw this on Twitter this morning posted by Chiatdaynight it is a toilet that is most definitely a luxury piece of equipment. Let me break it down for you. It is made by Kohler, and it is called the Numi. It has its own attached foot warmer, so your feet don’t have to get cold while you are sitting there, there is a built-in music system so you don’t get bored, and a heated seat to go with the foot warmer. The seat automatically goes up and down, and there is a special retractable bidet attachment. All of this can be controlled by a touchscreen panel, that has a 20-foot range, I am not sure why you need a 20-foot range, but whatever. This touch screen remote allows you to control the temperature power and aim of the bidet wand, and when the spraying is done there is a fan that blows warm air to dry you off. All of this can be at your finger tips for a mere $6,400.

Believe it or not this is not a belated April Fools joke, check out the commercial below.

How rich does one possibly have to be to want to spend that kind of money on a toilet? And when do you get to that point of wondering couldn’t that money be better spent helping the world out? But then again, I can see a good SNL skit coming out of this commercial.

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The Green Guerilla