The Happiness Machine

I always love seeing creative fun ideas. Especially when the ideas create an organic buzz. Coca Cola recently has launched a global “Open Happiness” campaign. This campaign is trying to encourage consumers to pause and refresh and “Open Happiness” and continue to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. There have been a number of different takes on this campaign, including a Happiness Store, a Happiness Truck, and now a Happiness Machine.

This video was only posted once from Cokes Twitter account, and posted on their Facebook fan page. It was posted back in January and has already received over 3 million views. The joy on the college kids faces makes me want to find a Coke machine and put some money in it to see if I can get a pizza with my Coke. I wish we had these machines at my school… then again I probably wouldn’t get much work done then. How do you like this advertising and this campaign?


The Green Guerilla