What I Have Been Doing Lately: Part 2

Last week I started a series showcasing all the people who I have met in real life, that I first met on Twitter. This week is the 2nd part of that series. I have had a lot of fun getting to know these people and meeting them in real life, they are all very interesting and insightful people, and I am glad that I have taken the time to get to know them. You should also connect with them on Twitter and get to know them, believe me you will be glad you did.

Nate Riggs

Website: www.nateriggs.com

Twitter: @nateriggs

I first met Nate on Twitter at the national collegiate American Marketing Association (AMA) conference in New Orleans. There was an official hashtag being used at the conference, and I was monitoring everything at the conference on Twitter. Nate sent out a tweet that got picked up by the search terms I was monitoring asking what the official hashtag was. I sent him a tweet telling him what it was. At the time there were not very many people using the hashtag, except for me and a handful of other people. Because I was using the hashtag so much Nate noticed me, and he started tweeting me asking me where my group was hanging out on Bourbon street that night. I didn’t have a smartphone so I didn’t get his message till way later that night. The next morning I realized he was one of the guest speakers at the conference so I went and listened to him talk. He spoke on branding yourself using social media. Him and I then went out the day he left to grab some lunch. We have been following each other on Twitter ever since, and he has even featured me in one of his blog posts!

Danielle Noah

Website: http://daniellenoah.com/

Twitter: @danidotnoah

I met Danielle on Twitter through another connection on Twitter, and started conversing and harassing her. She quickly jumped in on harassing back and conversing back. Danielle is a really fun person to follow on Twitter; she is always posting interesting articles, and fun pictures. Danielle and I met for coffee one day, because we had been talking for a while on Twitter we figured it was time to meet in real life. We hit it off immediately, and started talking about the different paths we had both taken to get to where we were today, and what we hoped to accomplish in the future. She snapped some pictures of me (I think I broke her camera) and then told me some people I should look up to further network with. Then a couple of days later she wrote a post about me on her website!

Matt Casey

Website: www.matthewjcasey.com

Twitter: @MattJohnCasey

Matt and I had tried to meet in real life for sometime, but kept having to reschedule because of my busy school schedule. We finally found a time we could both meet, and have a beer. Matt is a freshly graduated advertising student from U of O down in Eugene Oregon, and has been actively doing internships and getting the experience that he needs to start his career. We got to talking, and soon found out that we had a lot in common, and ended up hanging out for an hour an a half. Matt is a fun person to talk with on Twitter and has excellent articles and information to share.

Grady Locklear

Twitter: @GradyLocklear
Grady and I have been conversing on Twitter for some time now, and we have shared all kinds of news articles, and Google+ invites, and turntable.fm invites, and a number of other things, all via Twitter. Grady and I and Josh Groth tried to set up a meet and greet with Ben Samples as well, but Ben was not able to make it, so Grady and Josh and I all met for drinks. Grady is in the PR industry working for Waggener Edstrom, and Josh is a brand manager at Singley + Mackie. It was a sunny evening in Portland for once, and the drinks, and conversation was great.

Josh Groth

Website: http://joshgroth.com/

Twitter: @joshgroth

I met Josh for the first time in real life the same time I met Grady Locklear. On Twitter he is a wealth of information regarding social media, PR, advertising, and marketing. He is also just a fun person to interact with. If you are into social media, or are plain just wanting someone who is always there with the latest information and ready and willing to talk to then connect with Josh.

Jenna Forstrom

Website: http://bitesizebrews.com/

Twitter: @bite4size
I met Jenna for the first time while having drinks with Reggie Wideman from my last post. She is a community manager for a company called Adaptu, they are a competitor of Mint.com to keep all of your financial accounts in order. She is also a beer connoisseur, and loves everything that has to do with beer. Rumor has it she even brews her own beer. She is a spunky girl full of life, and ready to tackle the world. I have not known her for that long, but I look forward to interacting with her in the future that is for sure.



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