Ford Slamming the Auto Bailout

Ford has taken a new stance with their latest ad. They have tried to get customers perspectives in their new ad campaigns, to show how pleased their customers are with their decisions to buy Ford cars or trucks. Not a bad thing to do, it is always good to get the customers candid perspective. However, their latest ad is pretty risky. The customer featured is slamming companies for taking money from the government during the auto bailout. Sure I think Ford has a right to be proud that they didn’t have to take loans from the government this time around. My concern with this latest slam is, what if, God forbid, in the future Ford does need a little help from the government? I mean we aren’t out of this recession yet, if that were to happen, then this ad would backfire in Ford’s face I think.

Watch the ad here:

So what are your thoughts on this new ad from Ford?


The Green Guerilla