Dr Pepper 10: Alienating Women … and Possibly Men

Dr Pepper has decided that it needs to take a different approach to appealing to men when it comes to diet drinks, and the only way to do that is by creating a special club where women are not allowed. This idea takes me back to my middle school days, when it was cool to be a part of a club that girls couldn’t be a part of. This tactic seems to be pretty offensive towards women, and I think runs the risk of Dr Pepper as a whole losing some of their women consumers.

I am not saying there is anything wrong at all with targeting advertising to a specific target audience, either men or women, but do we have to do that by trash talking the other sex? This ad has been out on YouTube since April, and is just now starting to attract attention as they decided to push it to mainstream advertising channels yesterday.

The most appalling thing, to me, is the way they are handling their social media campaigns. If you want to be a fan of their Facebook page, you have to be a man, women can’t even become fans. Men can play games such as using flame throwers or laser guns to shoot women products. But the part that takes the cake is whoever is moderating the Facebook page is DELETING comments that are bad mouthing the campaign. One rule in social media is that you DON’T do that, unless it is harmful or offensive to other people.

AdRants has some thoughts on the campaign as well here. Someone else, and forgive me I don’t remember who, online commented about how manly it is to have a crystal glass with ice cubes to drink out of in the middle of a jungle… not that manly.

Here is the commercial for the campaign, it isn’t that bad, just a little cheesy and lame.

What are your thoughts?


The Green Guerilla