Pushing Ahead

Too long it has been since I have put my thoughts to this modern paper. Since I last wrote I have been back and forth across the country more times than I can keep track of. Life changed for us dramatically in February. Our world turned upside down, and our new path was laid before us. It took three months to figure out where the next stop on that path would be. I packed up all my things and moved across the country to Chicago. Leaving was the hardest part, leaving behind my friends and family. What was going to happen with all of us? Would we prosper and thrive, or would we crash and burn? As far as our ambitions would take us, we would go.

I went to Chicago, my wife went to Washington DC to start her career, and our closest of family members came to Chicago chasing dreams as well. I landed in one place and left too early. Left so early that I regret leaving? No. I left so early that I burned some bridges. Can’t do anything but press on. Did I make the right decision? Yes, I most certainly did. The ugly side comes out of some people when you ruffle feathers, and seeing that ugly side makes you glad for what you decided.

Racking up the miles to see the love of my life, every time I have to leave it rips my heart out. Stronger and stronger we grow, the bond between us is an acorn of life, acorns grow into strong oak trees and that greatness, together, is in our destiny.

Seasons change, places and people change, time flies by. I can’t even begin to imagine what the next few years will look like. I’m more excited for the future than I ever have been. The things I will be a part of and the things I will do will be more than I can comprehend. Dreams make the ambitions of a person.