The beauty of the holidays, the beauty of people

Cold air, so cold your breath freezes as it escapes your lips. The snow floats glistening and sparkling in the sun like a million tinker bells all dancing together. Crunching footsteps marking up the untouched white blanket spread across the landscape. Twinkling lights hung perfectly on the sides of homes. Warm cozy glows emanating from within living rooms and kitchens. This magical time of the year trumps any other time of the year.

Two things this week have really made me think about the people around me, and the magical time of the holidays. The first is probably one of the most loving and selfless acts I have seen. Bob Carey did what he did best when his wife, Linda, was diagnosed with cancer. He started to take pictures. These pictures were taken with Linda in mind. He wanted to ease her pain and the only way he knew how to do that was to bring a smile to her face, and joy to her heart. I can’t even begin to imagine the helplessness I would feel if my wife was diagnosed with cancer. However, I would like to think I would do whatever I could to make her comfortable and keep her laughing. Check out The Tutu Project, and check out this video:

On a lighter note yet very heartwarming as well comes WestJet. Prior to seeing this campaign I have never heard of WestJet, probably because I don’t do a lot of airline travel in Canada. In an industry that doesn’t really have to go above and beyond for their customers it is rare to sight to see an airline doing just that. Believe in the magic of the holidays, and the next time you’re in Canada fly WestJet, who knows maybe you will get a present.

Stay warm, embrace beauty and life. Make a trail across the unmarked snow, and dance among the tinker bells.


The Green Guerilla

The Green Guerilla