Lonely is when half your soul is hundreds of miles away. Cold is when arms of warm embrace can’t wrap around you. These times, they test you. They test me. We press forward, looking to the future; wishing things would pass by faster.

Joy is reading your words knowing exactly how you would voice them. Happiness is hearing your voice through the phone. When we come out the other side we will be stronger, wiser, and ready to take on the world.

Growing is stretching comfort zones. Learning is experiencing new things, having an open mind and being willing to change. Caring is recognizing the injustice in all facets of life, and living our life to try to help.

These are we, and we are these.

Hours spent above the clouds. Anticipation builds as miles pass. Loneliness fades as we inch closer. Eyes shine bright, and tense shoulders ease with relief. Instantly it’s like it always was.

Love is the way you always make me smile. Perfection is time spent together. Hope is knowing everything will be wonderful. We came from worlds apart, but the world we formed together is much more familiar than any other world.

Mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, oceans, beaches, rolling hills of grass, this is the beauty that springs forth from our feet as we walk forward. This is the world we have created together. It’s beautiful, vast, and magical. We watch it unfold and evolve before us. The awesomeness of it is breathtaking.

We’re connected. An electric current flows through us.

And we dance, oh do we ever dance. We stomp our feet, wave our arms and shake our fists. We move with wild abandon. We shout to the heavens. We sing our song of joy, our song of laughter, our song of everlasting love. The excitement overtakes us. Minutes turn to hours, sweat pours forth. We sway together as if we are one. We live for the dance. The power produced from that dance consumes us. It surges no longer contained. Exhaustion overtakes us and we quietly spin in circles never letting the memories fade.

We fall down in content. Lying in the grass holding hands staring at the sky. Watching the clouds roll by smiles cross our face. There is nowhere we would rather be than in that moment.