Disconnected Stories

Anger in your eyes. Hate on your breath. Were we meant to be like this? Have we been abandoned and relegated to this? Those that claim to love the world, hate the most. Greed motivates us all.

Racism beats us in the face. Bigotry knocks us down. Gender inequality kicks us in the balls. Income disparity steps on our backs. Religious intolerance crusades across nations. When will we get so tired we stop letting these things kill us?

The lands we walk, the streets we drive. They’re leading to a point in time, a place in space. We’ll meet there. We’ll come together. We’ll hold hands and celebrate. We’ll drink, and toast each other.

Shake our heads at the ones we used to be, celebrate the ones we have become. Cast aside our hatred, it’s easier for some.

He stands in the pulpit towering over us. Calling fire and brimstone upon our heads. He yells and shakes his finger. Judging secretly. Spreading guilt and shame in the hearts of all. Cast aside those chains. Break free from the shackles. Spread your wings, regardless of what the right has to say we are all angels.

Your only bed a moving train. Nobody sits by you for fear they will catch your homelessness. They wouldn’t want to be burdened on their way to work. They tell you to get a job. They think they know what it’s like and how easy it is.

Diving into a swimming hole late in the summer, creeping up on fall. Leaves swirling around us, the sky turning dark and gloomy. Threatening rain, we pay no mind. The quite solitude swallows us with a relaxing joy.

Disconnected stories confuse us all. Where’s the single thread weaving throughout. We jump from point to point and thought to thought. It doesn’t seem to make sense. Why can’t it be clean? Where is the cohesiveness?

You won’t find it. Embrace the randomness. Run from hate, cling to love.