One And Only

Your warmth fills my heart. Your smile melts my soul. Your kindness compels me. Our love cannot be broken.

Wine poured and the candles lit. Raise a glass and toast to our bond. Wax poetic while we drink in our intoxicating elixir that is our laughter.

Miles apart, and side-by-side. I feel you daily. Fingers glancing over skin like a ghost. There you are. I’ll never let you go.

Years pass on. Time moves slow, and fast all the same. No matter the distance between days, you make me feel like a giddy child. Because of that I’ll never grow old.

You have the power to strike down monsters with a single glance, and the ability to summon elves and unicorns with the quietest whisper. I shall never be afraid by your side.

One day future peoples will tell stories of us. They’ll speak them in fairy tales.

We hold tight to each other as we swirl through the air with a force like none other. We are a whirlwind of unimaginable might.

Together we run, we laugh, we cry. We will live forever together wrapped in each others arms.

You are my one and only.