The Silence Of The World

Existence is the only constant inside space and time. You can’t bend space and time, you can only move through it. Gaze into the moon it quiets the soul. Stars beckon us home. Don’t let them swallow you whole. Embrace the gravity. Be still and exist.

Have it figured out? A direction set before you. Yet you don’t belong. You never will. Wait, maybe you do. Maybe you know what you’re doing. What you’re talking about. Hush be quiet before someone finds you out. Finds you a fraud.

Mind clouded, which way do I go? Stand still? Wait for the fog to clear? Choose a direction and stumble forward? Fake like you know it. Own it, and go with it. Nobody will notice. Nobody will see.

Breath deep. Live inside the silence of the world. If you could fade into time would you? Oh but to be, just a fleeting memory.

Conflict pulls at me, and crashes against me. Lines run between us. Connecting us. Twisting, stretching, and crossing. I want everything, and nothing. Anger grips, sadness pours forth. Love overtakes, and heartbreak tears at the soul.

The feeling rushes over me. Everything’s gonna to be alright. Everything will work out. Maybe not here, maybe not now, but it will somewhere somehow.

Breathe deep. Live inside the silence of the world.


The Green Guerilla