#How #Much #Is #Too #Much? #Hashtaging #Fools

I used to think that the idea of hashtags was a great thing. They allowed you to emphasize something, or spread your message to a broader audience. But lately hashtags are the new… Continue reading

It Was The Best Of Times

I am quickly approaching the end of my 20’s. It was the best of times, sort of. A lot of good things happened in my 20’s. I was legally allowed to drink, as… Continue reading

Next Steps

After a little over 6 months away from this blog, I am coming back up for air. I accomplished a major life goal and milestone, graduating from college. Some major reflecting on my… Continue reading

Skip College, Work at a Startup

In the beginning of February, there was an article in Mashable covering a new two-year program called Enstitute. This program suggests that young students coming out of high school might be better off… Continue reading

Social Media and Recycling: Yes Please

In a world where there is very little incentive to take green actions, such as recycling it is encouraging to see what Recyclebank is doing. Currently there is not much out there to… Continue reading

The Age of the “Brandwashed” Consumer

In an NPR article last month they interviewed Martin Lindstrom, about his new book called, “Brandwashed.” Martin’s book is about all┬áthe different tricks that companies use to manipulate our minds to buy more.… Continue reading

Dr Pepper 10: Alienating Women … and Possibly Men

Dr Pepper has decided that it needs to take a different approach to appealing to men when it comes to diet drinks, and the only way to do that is by creating a… Continue reading

Ford Slamming the Auto Bailout

Ford has taken a new stance with their latest ad. They have tried to get customers perspectives in their new ad campaigns, to show how pleased their customers are with their decisions to… Continue reading

What I Have Been Doing Lately: Part 2

Last week I started a series showcasing all the people who I have met in real life, that I first met on Twitter. This week is the 2nd part of that series. I… Continue reading

What I have Been Doing Lately: Part 1

Now that I am back, I wanted to share with everyone what I have been up to lately. As most of you know I am finishing up my undergraduate degree at PSU right… Continue reading