I’m Back Baby!

Hey Everyone, I am not really sure if anyone is even still following me on here or not, but if you are then I am here to tell you that I am back!… Continue reading

Missing Again

Once again I have been missing from this blog… Currently I am working on moving my blog over to a new website that will contain my blog, my résumé, some work samples and… Continue reading

They’re Alive!

Billboards, unless they are very creative and eye-catching, get lost in all the other noise going on around us. We see them for maybe two seconds at a time while we are driving… Continue reading

The Happiness Machine

I always love seeing creative fun ideas. Especially when the ideas create an organic buzz. Coca Cola recently has launched a global “Open Happiness” campaign. This campaign is trying to encourage consumers to… Continue reading

Life In The Fastlane

I have commented on my love for Twitter a few times here on this blog, and today is not going to be any different. After the events of last night I am very… Continue reading

When Luxury Meets Absurdity

So I saw this on Twitter this morning posted by Chiatdaynight it is a toilet that is most definitely a luxury piece of equipment. Let me break it down for you. It is made… Continue reading

Here Comes Joey

If a tree falls in the forest but you can’t actually see it fall, does it still fall? Ok so this might not be the most sustainable advertising out there, featuring a logger… Continue reading

The Reverse Graffiti Project

Graffiti art, whether you appreciate it or not is in fact art. It takes skill to do, that not everyone in the world possesses. I sometimes have been known to criticize some art, but… Continue reading

Ultimate Electronics… or is it Best Buy?

Once again this post is not about sustainability… well not sustainability in the green sense of the word, I will get back to those posts soon I promise. This post is about a… Continue reading

Stand Up And Be Heard!

With graduation coming up soon for a lot of students, I am always floored when I talk to some that have no job prospects in mind. I know that the economy is hurting… Continue reading