Who I Follow on Twitter, and Why

Hey everyone this post has been a long time coming. Sorry for such a long break away from posting. I know most of you were on the edge of your seats waiting for… Continue reading

Short Break

Hello Faithful Readers, The end of the term is approaching, so I will be taking a little bit of a break to study for finals. Hopefully I will be returning next week with… Continue reading

Your Tweets Answered

We definitely have a lot of things wrong with this country, but what country doesn’t have things wrong with it? But here is an important issue that needs some attention on it. The… Continue reading

What can social media do for you?

Only a handful of months ago I would have told you that social media is useless, and a waste of time. Since then I have changed my mind. Social media is taking over,… Continue reading

My Better Is Better Than Your Better

I enjoy nothing better when it comes to advertising than an inspirational message. Something that inspires you to get up off your butt and maybe run to the fridge instead of walk. Something… Continue reading

Imported From Detroit

There was a lot of talk around the VW Darth Vader commercial during the Super Bowl this year, and a lot of other car commercials that aired during the Super Bowl as well.… Continue reading

When Customer Service Goes Wrong

I am going to take a break from advertising for the moment, because I wanted to focus on customer service. Recently I have had a couple of fellow marketing/advertising bloggers write about some… Continue reading

Guerilla Advertising: Does this catch your eye?

I thought about posting all of the post Super Bowl commercials and letting you all know what I thought about them, but I figured there would be a lot of people doing that… Continue reading

Prius’? Prii? Prium? Priuses? Or is it simply just Prius?

I have been super swamped with midterms and presentations and advertising research this week, so I missed posting on Wednesday. I am sorry for that, but here is a fun commercial that should… Continue reading

Greenwashing: Is it green, or is it painted green?

Today consumers are more eco-conscious than ever, so it is an easy thing for companies to tout the good things that they do for the environment. However, are companies really green, or are… Continue reading